Sophos: SSH Befehle für HA Verwaltung

Sophos: SSH Befehle für HA Verwaltung

Auszug aus der Sophos Doku:


If you are using High Availability you have different Shellprompts depending on the type of your node:

<M>: Node is master
<S>: Node is slave

<W>: Node is worker

High Availability command line tools

ha_daemon -c help : help

ha_daemon -c status : status information, like fifo output

ha_daemon -c takeover : start manual takeover

ha_daemon -c up2date VERSION : start up2date to VERSION

ha_daemon -c build : print running ha_daemon build info

ha_daemon build : print ha_daemon build info

ha_daemon build verbose : print verbose ha_daemon build info sethacfg: shows current HA/Cluster config

sethacfg -help: shows help

sethacfg -m off: disables ha/cluster

ha_utils status: Show HA/Cluster status overview

ha_utils debug ipsec on/off: Enable/Disable IPSec HA debug

ha_utils ssh: Connect to slave/workers

ha_utils verbose cluster on/off: Enable/Disable verbose messages